Berlinale 2016: Jeff Nichols' 'Midnight Special' Never Reveals Too Much

Midnight Special

Right from the start, this film is already moving. A father, his son and another protector are on the run. The young boy they’re watching over seems to have some sort of special powers that even he doesn’t understand. We never learn what exactly his powers are, or how he used them before they had to go on the run. Instead, the film focuses on this particular moment in time when they make sure to get him to where he needs to go. Jeff Nichols’ Midnight Special is a solid sci-fi thriller with big ideas hidden within. It’s not really a studio movie (produced by Warner Bros) as much as it is another stellar Jeff Nichols film with studio sensibilities. ›››

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Red Band Trailer for Ben Falcone's 'The Boss' Starring Melissa McCarthy

The Boss Trailer

“You don’t have any money you stupid Ginger!” This looks awful. Universal has debuted another new red band trailer for the upcoming comedy The Boss, starring/written by Melissa McCarthy and directed by her husband Ben Falcone. The plot involves the richest woman in America, played by McCarthy, losing all of her money and everything she built after getting busted for insider trading. It gets really stupid when she comes up with an idea to start a brownie empire to reestablish herself. The final showdown in this trailer is scraping the bottom of the comedy barrel. Haven’t we moved passed this? I guess not. Proceed with caution. ›››

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Review: 'Deadpool' is an Entertaining Switch For Comic Book Movies

Deadpool Review

Deadpool isn’t like any Marvel movie before. True, if you break them down, the same could be said for all the movies that make up the current subgenre of superhero films. Though the basic structures all resemble one another, the sheer number of new entries flooding theaters allows the fimmakers behind them to play around in different, cinematic territories. Captain America has become the paranoid thriller. Guardians of the Galaxy is the space opera. Deadpool nestles its way into a subgenre taking on all the characteristics. It’s the filthy, R-rated superhero movie comedy. Though it never reaches the height of vulgarity or subversion it intends, Deadpool offers an abundance of crude humor, edgy self-referentiality, and a huge amount of fun. ›››

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Watch: First Trailer for Ariel Vromen's Mind Implant Thriller 'Criminal'

Criminal Trailer

The Mission Is In The Memories. Lionsgate has debuted a trailer for an intriguing high-concept sci-fi film called Criminal, that is indeed about a couple of criminals, but also so much more. Ryan Reynolds plays a deceased CIA operative whose memories and thoughts are implanted into the mind of a criminal, played by Kevin Costner, who is recruited by the head of the CIA, played by Gary Oldman, to finish a mission. The cast includes Gal Gadot, Alice Eve, Scott Adkins, Antje Traue, Michael Pitt and Tommy Lee Jones as the Doc. This is the kind of movie that makes you legitimately wonder if the people who made it have any idea how technology works, or if they just like big ideas that sell and the way it all sounds. Oh well. ›››

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Microsoft’s New App “Fetch!” Tells You What Kind Of Dog You Are (And It Can ID Your Dog, Too)

fetch Even Microsoft’s new image recognition app has no idea what kind of dog I have. Oh well! If you don’t own a mixed-breed mutt saved from the kill shelter, however, you might have fun with the company’s latest Microsoft Garage project: Fetch!, a new iPhone app that looks at photos of dogs to identify its breed. Or, in the case when it can’t make an exact match, the app… Read More

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Back to Berlinale to See More Films – From One Festival to the Next


Onward to Berlin! I’m off on my next adventure, just a few weeks after wrapping up my 10th year back to the Sundance Film Festival in Utah, I’m headed over to Germany to attend the Berlin Film Festival (also known as Berlinale). This is my third year back to Berlinale since first attending in 2014, and I’ve grown to love the festival (they have amazing food trucks!). Berlin is a great city, and the fest runs between Sundance and SXSW, meaning it’s the perfect time to catch more great films. During Sundance this year, I wrote a passionate editorial about how much I love film festivals to explain why I keep flying all over the world to see films. Over oceans, over valleys, mountains, rivers, and towns of all sizes, all for the love of storytelling. ›››

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Watch: Amusing Red Band Trailer for Comedy 'The Brothers Grimsby'

The Brothers Grimsby

“How far will he go?” Sony Pictures has released another new red band trailer for Louis Leterrier’s The Brothers Grimsby, featuring even more crazy footage from this upcoming comedy starring Mark Strong and Sacha Baron Cohen as brothers that must team up to stay alive. We’ve seen a whole bunch of trailers for this over the last few months, including two full-length trailers already, so why not one more. The full cast includes Penélope Cruz, Isla Fisher, Rebel Wilson, and Scott Adkins. I’m enjoying whatever they keep showing us from this, hoping it’s as funny as it looks. Sacha Baron Cohen looks to be doing some of his best character comedy work since Bruno and Borat. And I always enjoy seeing Mark Strong. Have fun. ›››

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Sleep++ 2.0 Proves That There’s Still A Market For Apple Watch Apps

Sleep++ The Apple Watch was supposed to become the new thriving platform and App Store for third-party apps. 10 months later, it’s hard to name popular Watch apps. And there are reasons why the Apple Watch App Store isn’t as vibrant as the iOS App Store. But some developers, such as David Smith, have found ways to make your Watch more useful. Read More

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Facebook Tests SMS Integration In Messenger, Launches Support For Multiple Accounts

Facebook Messenger 800 Facebook says it’s testing a way for users to receive, read and respond to their SMS-based conversations in its Messenger application for mobile devices. The feature, which would be optional if broadly rolled out, could help to shift users away from their default texting application and see them increasing their time spent Facebook Messenger instead. Also new is added support for… Read More

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Drive Motors Lets You Actually Buy A Car Online. How Did This Not Exist?

m4_v09_1024 No one wants to go to a car dealership. We’re in the era where everything can be done online, so it’s crazy you can’t buy a new car straight from the web. Every site and startup that claims to help you do that just dumps you on a contact form to request more info or a meeting with a car dealer. But Drive Motors does exactly what you imagine should already happen. It’s… Read More

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